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Condition:Each participant should take part in at least 3 events and the maximum

is unlimited



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          All events are through post only. The participants can select the events from event No: 1 to 20. The participants should do all in the home and they should post or courier to our address given below. The scripts will be evaluated by our experts and the winner certificate along with Gold or Silver medal will be sent to the communications address for all participants within 10 days of receipt of the scripts.    

          Every year the last date to receive the scripts is 31st May and again the event starts on 1st June. This is a routine programme for every year.

          All participants will be sent the certificate with Gold or Silver medal over post/courier. Good performers will get Gold Medal and the average will get Silver medal. Selective student’s scripts and photographs will be displayed in our new web site which is under progress.

        At the year end, (June of every year), state / district / national toppers list will be announced. The selection is based on number of events participated and the total credit points scored by individual student.

         For drawing and coloring events the students can go for their own interesting theme /  topic / pictures also apart from the images / themes / topics given in the events listing.

       There are some events for parents also. (Eg Rangoli)

       The payment can be made as Cheque or DD in favour or 'Dr. JK Global Academy' payable at Chennai. The payment should be sent along with the completed scripts and registration form.

       ‘Dr. JK Award for Excellence’ is announced every year for the ideal students. Ideal students refer the academically good students(first 3 rank holders), sports / games experts, experts in general arts /fine arts  and other extra and co curricular activities. The students who come any one of these category are eligible to apply. All eligible applicants will get award. The award caries a shield/cup, merit certificate and some amazing prizes.     

        ‘Dr. JK Award for Excellence’ is announced every year for the ideal teachers, ideal parents, ideal schools, ideal engineers, ideal doctors, ideal software professions, ideal business men, ideal social reformers also. The applicants can apply by mentioning their qualifications, achievements, extracurricular, co curricular activities etc. All eligible applicants will get award. The award caries a shield/cup, merit certificate and some amazing prizes.    

        For further details you can mail / call me.

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